Chisinau, Moldova, 29 April 2016 – ACI Partners News.

ACI Partners has successfully represented a Romanian construction company, member of an international group active in more than 60 countries worldwide, in a reputational litigation against the Public Acquisition Agency claiming annulment of the results of two tenders that have been awarded to the company in 2014.

ACI Partners assisted the company to combat the allegations of the competing bidders in a tender for road rehabilitation works. ACI Partners Litigation Partner, Daniel Martin, has ensured a court judgment in favour of our client in all three judicial tiers, trial court, Appeal Court and Supreme Court of Justice, which has finally settled the lengthy dispute on 13 April 2016.

In general, the practice of overruling annulment of tender processes is rare, thus our attorneys had to develop special litigation technics and be very selective with court arguments. The decision of the Supreme Court of Justice will definitely contribute to the judicial practice in public acquisition matters.


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