ACI Partners represents both private and public entities, from Moldova or abroad, whether as claimants or respondents at any state court of the country. We represent clients at any instance of the Moldovan legal system (First Instance Courts, Courts of Appeals and even the Supreme Court).

While ACI Partners does have great expertise in litigation, we recognise that in some cases it is better to not go to the courts – hence we try to resolve disputes initially through all forms and stages of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

In Moldova, ADR ranges from dialogue and negotiations up through to mediation. Only once these ADR options are finished do we then recommend going on to court proceedings. We usually recommend litigation as being the very last resort to take.   

In litigation, at ACI Partners, our lawyers act for clients in all sorts of disputes, including disputes over property, labour disputes, product liability, consumer rights protection, tax matters, IP and patent litigation.

Our litigation cases come from a wide range of industries and sectors.

Over the years, we have built up significant experience in acting for clients in complex litigation cases comprising multiple cases that are simultaneously considered by various courts, being both lower courts and appellate courts, and requiring excellent expertise in both procedural and substantive law in Moldova.  

After the litigation, we may then further help our clients in the enforcement of awards and the decisions made by the courts.  ACI Partners has a wealth of experience in enforcing awards made by Moldovan  courts in foreign jurisdictions and in enforcing in Moldova the awards made by foreign courts and international commercial arbitration courts.