The ACI Partners team

ACI Partners is the leading business law firm in Moldova.

Our success originates from our team of lawyers who work together. The lawyers at ACI Partners are highly skilled in multiple areas of business law. This unparalleled expertise enables us to advise companies and individuals on even the most complex cases.

Through the multi-faceted work, our lawyers’ business experience, education and interests shape our law firm culture. They are the key to providing the full range of service capabilities our clients need by working together as an integrated, multidisciplinary team where the lawyers can draw from a unique set of talents to assist each other.

For law students there is the possibility to experience working in this environment through the ACI Partners Internship Program.

The ACI Partners Internship Program

A legal internship is ideal for talented undergraduates to gain real work experience and to pursue the practice of law while still studying. Very often the theory learnt at university is very different from the reality of solving real client issues, and thus the internship program allows this reality to be encountered and understood.

Our legal internships offer insight into working across a range of practices. As a legal intern, your work may include legal research, assisting our partners and lawyers, and conducting general case management.

If you are interested in an internship with ACI Partners you are welcome to apply to our internship program.