ACI Partners provides quality and professional legal advice to help businesses operate on the Moldovan market.

Further, we strive to give share expertise on all areas of business law.

This comprehensive approach is in line with our goal to provide a one-stop shop of convenience for legal services to our clients. As a result, we need a diverse team of legal specialists each with their own specific areas of specialization.

We believe we have gathered together a winning team consisting of some of the best experts on the legal market in Moldova. Each team member is highly skilled and possesses his or her own unique sector of excellence. Additionally, we know that no person is an island, and it is only through years of co-operation, of working side by side, that our lawyers know each other well enough, and trust each other, that they can make a joint cross-practice approach to resolving complex client issues.

Thus, our lawyers provide a seamless and comprehensive service in all business areas that our clients could have an interest in. We advise financial institutions, businesses and regulatory authorities on the most challenging transactions and assignments.

The lawyers at ACI Partners meet both local and international clients’ expectations. They live up to the demand in a professional and efficient way, while drawing upon their cross-sector knowledge. Hence, the advice we provide is based on a thorough understanding of the business environment in which our clients are operating and the clients’ individual needs and requests.


    • Banks and Finance Institutions

    • Insurance

    • Real Estate and Constructions

    • Retail

    • Media and Telecommunications

    • Infrastructure and Transport

    • IT

    • Energy and Utilities

    • Healthcare

    • Food and Beverages

    • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

    • Transport

    • Sports and Entertainment