This article deals with introduction of ECN+ DIRECTIVE and Moldova Competition Law. For more information,…

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We are taking a personal approach

It goes without saying that our foundation is to deliver reliable and high-quality legal services, which clients may turn to whenever they need it. At ACI Partners we pride ourselves on the fact that each and every client receives a personal approach and in-depth attention from our lawyers.

We are result focused

One of the most distinctive qualities of is that it has the courage to invest its time and hard work in cases that may not always be easy to resolve. We do understand, in all clarity, that pure legal advice itself might not be of little use in such situations. At ACI Partners we enjoy applying and resolving issues in line with the laws, but we get greater pleasure in assisting our clients to get the results they demand.

We are thinking out-of-the-box

No matter what the situation, the ACI Partners team always makes decisions in the best interests of our clients. Thinking out-of-the-box allows us to help our clients get the results they aspire for. Hence, at ACI Partners, we do not do only as we are told.

We are not just another law firm…

ACI Partners is not just another law firm.

Over the course of the last decade of working in Chisinau, Moldova, and on the international stage for our non-Moldovan clients, we have developed a strong set of core values which, we believe, guide us in everything that we do and, moreover, give us a competitive advantage – differentiating us from other law firms on the market.


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ACI Partners is a quality driven law firm. This applies to our service, to our clients and our professionals. Our team is made of purposeful, talented and devoted people who are interested in the Firm success and their personal development.

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